Axway is multicultural – the result of multiple acquisitions across many countries and physical locations, bringing a diverse set of skills, culture, and history. This richness extends to our portfolio of products, which is built on differing technology assets and platforms, constraints, and development lifecycles. Our diversity is our strength; we can leverage it to address our worldwide customer base while retaining our ability to move quickly and adapt to an ever-changing environment.

With our plans for aggressive growth, both organically and through acquisitions, it’s important that we follow a solid foundation of operating principles and rules based on the core values that have sustained us as a leader. In this spirit, we present the R&D Manifesto. It defines the principles that guide us and the commitments we make to ourselves, to each other, to our teams and ultimately to Axway.


Our principles


Efficient excellence (speed over quality perfection)
As an organization, we strive to be more effective and efficient – to do more with less and to deliver value faster and better. But without quality, we fail. We understand the importance of increasing speed and efficiency while recognizing the value of improving the quality of our products.

Brilliant collaboration (collaboration over individual brilliance)
While individual brilliance is always a great thing, collaborating with others and helping them realize and improve their own aptitude is valued more. Apply your brilliance and you will be rewarded. Use it to make others brilliant and you will stand out.

Individual trust (trust people over process)
People are the lifeblood of the organization and we encourage everyone to be all they can be. Trust in each other is essential. But we also recognize the benefits of processes in meeting requirements, measuring performance, and identifying opportunities for continual improvement. We support the individual. Individuals must support the process.

Confident innovation (innovation over steady state)
Challenges can be difficult, even scary sometimes. To meet them, we often rely on tried and trusted answers. Innovation can be equally challenging and unpredictable. As an organization, we need to embrace and support innovative solutions while recognizing that the best possible solution might be an existing one.


Our commitments


Continuous improvement (continual improvement)
We are committed to always improving in tangible ways that effect positive change. Our drive to improve will be present and ongoing so that each team is always engaged in some effort to strengthen our efficiency and effectiveness as an organization.

Individual development (developing our people)
We energetically seek ways to help people across the enterprise realize their full potential and become more effective, efficient, faster, collaborative, and innovative.

Regulatory compliance (meeting appropriate standards, regulations, laws, and guidelines wherever required)
We shall always create quality products that meet the unique requirements of our customers’ industries and do so in a fashion that complies with appropriate standards, regulations, laws, and guidelines. Our managers and teams are committed to fulfilling these requirements wherever they are identified.

Open communication (disagree and commit)
We actively discuss the work we do and the tools we use to perform it. We value all input and ideas – solicited or otherwise – and strive for the best solutions. When we’ve all had our say and a plan is decided, a tool selected, or a path chosen, we will collectively strive to achieve the goal at hand.

Supporting “The Manifesto”
We believe it’s important to strike a balance between the needs of the individual, the team, the location, the organization, and Axway. While each need deserves to be represented and considered, not all will necessarily merit action and may be set aside in favor of those likely to have the greater positive impact. We intend to make it clear how these needs are identified, managed, and satisfied.